Arsenal are almost unstoppable when they match their opponents psychically claims Mertesacker

Published 29/12/16 

Arsenal are bordering on "unstoppable" when they match their opponents psychically, according to Per Mertesacker.

Arsene Wenger's side are commonly associated with passing football rather than digging in to do the dirty work.

But the Gunners proved they are capable of competing against physical teams courtesy of a hard-fought 1-0 victory over West Brom on Boxing Day.

Olivier Giroud out muscled Gareth McAuley to power home a late header and Mertesacker is convinced Arsenal will be difficult to stop if they can continue to prove their worth in physical contests.

“It’s really down to us to show that we are good enough and can put the intensity in,” Mertesacker told Arsenal's official website.

“We’ve spoken about that a lot of times - when we put in the intensity, when we match teams physically, we are almost unstoppable.

“But if you don’t do that, if you lack another five or 10 per cent, you won’t win any Premier League games," he added.

Arsenal could face another team set up to defend when they entertain Crystal Palace at Emirates Stadium on New Year's Day.

New Palace manager Sam Allardyce has, perhaps unfairly, acquired a defensive reputation throughout his career and will be aiming to record his first Eagles victory at the expense of Wenger.

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