David Seaman is confident of Arsenal's title chances this season

Published 08/12/16 

Former Arsenal keeper David Seaman has revealed that he 'feels confident' of the side's chances of winning the Premier League this season.

The Gunners, who last won the title in 2003-04, are currently second in the table and undefeated in the league since the opening day of the season.

The title race looks set to be a tightly-contested affair, however, with Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur all vying with Arsene Wenger's men to finish top of the pile.

"It's a good title race,There's a few big clubs that are up there now and they've all got a great chance of winning it.

"With Arsenal I look at them and I feel confident. When you look back at last season, we finished second - okay, we were quite lucky to finish second if I'm honest - but this season we're playing better, we've got a better squad, we've got a better team. The next stage is to actually win the Premier League and that's what all Arsenal fans are dying for - even I am as an ex-Arsenal player I'm dying for us to win the league just to shut everybody up."

Arsenal have also had an impressive run in the Champions League this season, finishing unbeaten at the top of their group, but Seaman urged caution over talk of them going all the way.

"It could be the season to win it, I hope it is," he added. "But we've been in this position quite a few times before.

"It's all on who we get in the draw and then the round after that, that's where we seem to have a little bit of a wobble and get knocked out at that level. It affects our league level and other things come in. We've got a very important period coming up in January and then we'll see how it is after that."

Arsenal will discover their opponents in the next round of the competition on Monday when the last-16 draw takes place in Monaco.

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