Arsene Wenger says Arsenal still have glory in their sights

Published 26/12/16 

Arsene Wenger wants his Arsenal to continue adopting a siege mentally approach via the dressing room.

The fourth-placed Gunners have slipped nine points off leaders Chelsea following successive away defeats but Wenger says there is time to make amends and, most significantly, make up precious ground.

"I believe what is important is the strength you find inside and you respond inside the club to be united in the dressing room," said Wenger.

"There's a special thing happening for a player in the dressing room. I spoke with David Beckham about that recently.

"I asked him, 'do you miss it?' He said, 'football I can play every day and I'm invited to all the charity games. But I miss the dressing room, that kind of being together for something special, fighting together, that's what you miss'."

Arsenal have slipped up in their last two away games against Everton and Manchester City but Wenger said: "We have just lost two games, of course it's tough, but Man City didn't win for six, Tottenham for four or five, Manchester United as well.

"All the teams go through that. It's the teams who responded well together who have the most successful seasons.

"In 20 years I had very few seasons where you start on the motorway and you finish on the motorway with no car in front of you."

During his long reign, Wenger has been forced to come through tough periods where supporters have called for his head.

The likes of Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil, two of Arsenal's most influential players, have not escaped heavy criticism in recent times either.

"It's not easy to walk out sometimes in a hostile environment and perform at your best," said the Arsenal manager.

"I'm not immune to critics," said Wenger.

"But I'm immune to excessive reaction, yes. I've been long enough in the job to put that into perspective as part of people who love the club that are really disappointed on Monday morning and get their frustration out.

"We have to live with that. It doesn't mean they are not ready to change their mind if we win the next game."

And how Arsenal need a response and a win with the visit of West Brom today following the damaging defeats on the road.

"We are ready for a fight and we want to respond," added Wenger.

"I think in 20 games we have lost the last two. But our quality has been consistent since the start of the season.

"We want to respond in a strong way and and in a determined way. I think everybody is focused to do that. Like every manager, I suffer when we don't win a game."

He added: "When you play on the 26th it's a game of big importance and you know that you can't switch off."

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